“It’s tough out there! With the pressures of family, friends, money, and everyone’s expectations, it’s easy for today’s youth to give up or make decisions that hurt themselves and others. And often it seems like no one really cares.

But we care and we do understand! In fact, Mission Waco cares so much we searched for a youth program director who has been there! Gabe Dominquez grew up right here in Waco. He quit school, did the alcohol/drug deals, and even sold guns before getting convicted and going to prison. He understands the messes life can bring. (See Gabe’s story as reported in slide show by the Waco Tribune Herald newspaper

The good news is that he overcame his struggles and he knows a few things now that can help others who are stuck where he was. If you an urban teen looking for some understanding, help and direction, you found the right place. Come explore it just like you are and then decide if there’s something here for you.

Mission Waco cares about the whole person...physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our youth programs have room for you to just hang and play video games or get help landing a job. We’ll listen, encourage and decide with you how to tackle your challenges. We’ll teach you some tv/audio production skills, talk about tough issues like how to deal with the streets, and head out for some food and fun. All we need is you! So drop by or give us a call...the next move is yours!

Come see our newly renovated Urban Youth Center, at 1305 N. 15th Street near Colcord Ave. We’ve got a 62” big screen tv, new video games, a foosball and pool table, and a tv/audio production room. And check out the other details on this website!